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The Survivor #1 – 4 (Adult Comics) (1990-1991)


Trapped in an underwater cave when the bombs go off, Aude survives the apparent elimination of the human race. Despite the fact that she might be the only woman alive in Europe, all she can think about is sex. She finally takes a robot lover, Ulysses. When a surviving human male arrives (he was an astronaut exploring the moons of Pluto) the robot can’t handle the competition and kills him.

The Survivor #1 – 4 (Adult Comics) (1990-1991)
Publisher: Other Comics | CBR/CBZ | English | Size: 123 Mb

Gods Among Us (Year 1 – 5 + Ground Zero + Injustice 2) (Complete Collection) (2013-2017)

The series acts as a prequel, taking place during the five years before the main events of the game’s storymode. The series is released weekly. Though the original series had three chapters that made up a single issue, with the Year Two series, it has become two chapters instead.

Gods Among Us (Year 1 – 5 + Ground Zero + Injustice 2) (2013-2017)
Publisher: DC Comics | CBR/CBZ | English | Size: 5.3 Gb

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Weight-training Technique by Stuart McRobert-P2P

To benefit from lifting weights, you must work out consistently and effectively. But if you do not use correct exercise technique, you will often get injured, and you will be unable to work out consistently and effectively no matter how good the design of your exercise routine or workout may be. Correct exercise technique is the bedrock of training success.
Properly done, weight-lifting exercises are safe, but the use of incorrect exercise technique is rampant in most gyms. Do not expect to learn correct exercise technique from most gyms, especially the form of the biggest and most important exercises.
The emphasis you place on weight training will vary according to the degree of muscle size and strength you desire, but the pool of exercises you can select from is common to everyone who lifts weights men and women of all ages and levels of training experience, including bodybuilders, fitness trainees, athletes, and powerlifters and other strength trainees.

Insider’s Tell-All Handbook on Weight-training Technique by Stuart McRobert-P2P
English | 200  pages | ePUB | 3.8  MB
Download : Sendit.CloudUploadOcean  – NTi

Wisdom of the Ages by Wayne W. Dyer-P2P

Bestselling author Wayne W. Dyer has crafted a powerful collection of writings, poems, and sayings by some of the greatest thinkers of the past twentyfive centuries. In succinct original essays, Dyer sets out to explain the meaning and context of each piece of wisdom, and, most important, how we can actively apply these teachings to our modern lives.
A beautiful and thoughtful gift, this book shows us a window to wisdom and a door to greatness.

Wisdom of the Ages: 60 Days to Enlightenment by Wayne W. Dyer -P2P
English | 288  pages | MOBI | 385  MB
Download : Sendit.CloudUploadOcean  – NTi

A Lifetime of Low Carb Recipes by George Stella-P2P

George Stella’s four previous low carb cookbooks are well known for not only inspiring millions to lose weight with his family’s amazing weight loss story, but also for how they did it: by cooking and eating great recipes made from easy to find fresh foods that anyone can get in their local supermarket. His down to earth voice and love of comfort foods have put his books at the very top of every health-conscious person’s cookbook collection.
For his fifth book, George has decided to go back to the basics back to what made him the leading name in low carb cooking. George Stella’s Still Livin’ Low Carb is the long awaited follow-up to Livin’ Low Carb, considered by many to be the best low carb cookbook ever written. With Still Livin’ Low Carb, George set out to write a cookbook that not only met the standards set by the original but to greatly exceeded them.

George Stella’s Still Livin’ Low Carb: A Lifetime of Low Carb Recipes by George Stella-P2P
English | 224  pages | ePUB | 14.2  MB
Download : Sendit.CloudUploadOcean  – NTi

Programming in C by Munishwar Gulati, Mini Gulati-P2P

This book is a sincere effort for explaining the concepts of Programming Language C. We sincerely hope that you find this work to be informative and enjoyable.
Chapter 1 introduces you to history of programming Language C and reading and writing messages and data using C Language.
Chapter 2 covers all the operators used in C.
As you move on to Chapter 3, you will know more about Decision Making using branching and looping.
Chapter 4 covers all about arrays.
Chapter 5 tells you about the using user defined functions.
Chapter 6 covers the concept of pointers.
Chapter 7 gives you ideas about Structures & Unions.
Chapter 8 tells you about File management in C.

Programming in C by Munishwar Gulati, Mini Gulati-P2P
English | 2017 | ASIN: B01MYUI9NW | 267 pages | PDF/EPUB/AZW3 | 18.3 MB

C# 7.0 Pocket Reference: Instant Help for C# 7.0 Programmers by Joseph Albahari, Ben Albahari-P2P

When you need answers for programming with C# 7.0, this tightly focused reference tells you exactly what you need to know—without long introductions or bloated examples. Easy-to-browse and ideal as a quick reference, this guide will help experienced C#, Java, and C++ programmers get up to speed with the latest version of the C# language.

All programs and code snippets in this book are available as interactive samples in LINQPad. You can edit these samples and instantly see the results without needing to set up projects in Visual Studio. Written by the authors of C# 7.0 in a Nutshell, this pocket reference covers C# 7.0 without skimping on detail, including:

  • All of C#’s fundamentals
  • Features new to C# 7.0, including tuples, pattern matching, and deconstructors
  • Advanced topics: operator overloading, type constraints, iterators, nullable types, operator lifting, lambda expressions, and closures
  • LINQ: sequences, lazy execution, standard query operators, and query expressions
  • Unsafe code and pointers, custom attributes, preprocessor directives, and XML documentation

C# 7.0 Pocket Reference: Instant Help for C# 7.0 Programmers by Joseph Albahari, Ben Albahari-P2P
English | 2017 | ISBN-10: 1491988533 | 234 pages | PDF/EPUB/MOBI | 2.35 MB

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